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MLA Newsletter

Murray Lake Association is committed to making sure everyone has access to the latest news on the lake. Check out past and present copies of our MLA Newsletters.

July Newsletter 


The Dillys once again put on an awesome fireworks display. (See the collage below for some of the pictures.) The parade was a great success lead by Grattan Fire Department. Thank you to Gerard LaPonsie for setting that up for us!

June Newsletter 

Image by todd kent

During the month of June, the Murray Lake Association will be in full swing for the annual membership drive. You can pay for dues by paying online or sending a check.

May Newsletter 

Flower Selection

Memorial Day Weekend is here and with warm weather temperatures ahead, the lake waters should warm up quickly.

April 2023 Newsletter 

Untitled design (5)_edited.png

April began with a heat wave, and Mother Nature balanced the month with indecisive weather. Boaters and fishermen will have to wait for more water time.

March 2023 Newsletter

Untitled design (6)_edited.png

Winter is still deciding to hang on for the weekends, but Spring is near with the return of migratory birds, longer daylight hours, and the lake water in a tug-of-war between open water and ice masses.

February 2023 Newsletter

Untitled design (7)_edited.jpg

Well it looks like we will have SNOW for our Winter Festival!

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